Kicking off the introductions... 💜

Hello everyone!

I’m Georgia, one of three co-founders and CEO of Tumelo. I’m generally responsible for our incredible team, fundraising and marketing, and I’m super excited to get to know our blossoming :blossom:community!

Here’s me :point_down: A wee Scottish lass who studied climate change & conservation at Cambridge. David Attenborough is my hero; running is my meditation; climate change scares me; progressive companies give me hope; and changing the world through engaged investing is my mission!

Now it’s your turn to say “hi” :wave:




I’m Ben! and I also helped found Tumelo. My main focus is Tech! I spend most of my time on the code that sits in the :cloud:, working hard to turn the :cloud: into :sun_with_face:. Whatever that means!

I am a nerd and like toys (computers, cars, bikes …). If there was an engineer and some cool tech in the making of the toy, I will probably find a way to marvel at it! When I have some spare time, I like to run :running_man: and play with motorcycles :motorcycle:.

Oh! I nearly forgot! I also have red hair, which sometimes turns into a mane :lion:!

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Hello :wave:!

I’m Will, I am one of the founders and the product owner at Tumelo :zap:. I’m always trying to figure out what we should build for you, our users :thinking:. So, if you have any ideas :bulb: about what you think would be great for our app then give me a shout :slight_smile:.

Outside the office you can find me doing all sorts of sports including boxing :boxing_glove: and squash :ping_pong:.


I teach sustainable finance in New York. I heard about your platform from a former student. I am happy to see it and hope to read and talk about the sustainability aspects of companies once you get the company pages going. Thanks for starting this.

Best wishes,


Hi Sayajit,

Great to hear from you and so sorry for my delay in replying!]

That’s amazing, our co-founder Georgia actually studied climate change and conservation at uni so lots of crossover.

We’ve just launched the beta and are currently doing some early stage testing so we should be out on full release shortly!

Would would you say are currently the biggest challenges for sutainable finance?

Best wishes,


Hi Guys,

Will here. Been looking for an easy and accessible way to invest ethically for quite some time! Thanks for taking the plunge and going for it.

Anyway we can get added to a waiting list?

Are you still open to investors for Tumelo itself?


Hi Will!

Great! Yeah, the market is a bit of a weird one, lot’s of options but not much transparency around what you’re investing in.

I’ll add you now. We’re currently building a cool tool for any existing investments you have if that’s of any interest to you?

Afraid we’ve just closed a funding round but I’m sure we’ll be out looking again in a years time!