What's Tumelo 🤔

Hi everyone :woman_saying_hello_emoji:

We started Tumelo in January 2018 to give investors a voice. We wanted to help you grow your money while also using it to make a positive impact on the things you care about, like environment, climate change, equality or innovation :facepunch:

Today (Feb 2019), our team of 8 is preparing to launch our beta: an easy-to-use investment app that helps you invest in line with your values & influence change :loudspeaker: We’re doing this by connecting you straight to the companies you own, allowing you to learn, crowdsource questions, vote, campaign and petition on key company issues :muscle:

If you’re making the effort to invest for your future, let’s make it a future we actually want to live in :earth_africa:

With love,


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Hi Georgia,

Tumelo's aspirations seem mind-bogglingly good from many points of view.  BUT you'll need to attract lots of retail investors, many of whom will be OAPs like me.  We may have lots of cash, but only a limited understanding of what your team is trying to create.  Our brains are like glue - for which you need to have a solvent!

Your site looks attractive but doesn’t seem to clearly explain exactly what you do and how the site will work in practice. I and all your other potential retail clients need a comprehensive and easy-to-read tutorial. Your ideas are innovative. The corollary is your potential clients have to be educated in, and convinced about, your philosophy. Then, if we’re convinced, we need to know exactly how to use Tumelo, thus allowing us and others to derive max benefit from it.

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for the feedback and welcome to the Tumelo community!

Completely agree on all of these points, the website definitely needs to explain the functionality of our app a lot more. We’re currently working on a new version so we’ll keep you posted on its release.

Would you like an invitation to our beta release?

Best wishes,


Hey there,

Super curious to find out more about the business and the app.

Quick Q: Do you know if these investments are going to be in private or public companies?

Would be keen to get hold of the BETA if you are still sharing it around. Seems really awesome.

Speak to you soon.




Great to hear from you :slight_smile:

All of our investments are in to public companies, we’re trying to show that you can have a positive impact whilst maintaining a stable return. We’re really excited about the engagement features we’re going to provide that allow you to interact with the companies you own.

Sure, you can contact me at will@tumelo.com to get your hands on the beta :slight_smile: